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Disk usage in percent Disk usage in percent
Inode usage in percent Inode usage in percent


Connections through firewall Connections through firewall
dummy0 errors dummy0 errors
dummy0 traffic dummy0 traffic
erspan0 errors erspan0 errors
erspan0 traffic erspan0 traffic
eth0 errors eth0 errors
eth0 traffic eth0 traffic
Firewall Throughput Firewall Throughput
gre0 errors gre0 errors
gre0 traffic gre0 traffic
gretap0 errors gretap0 errors
gretap0 traffic gretap0 traffic
HTTP loadtime of a page HTTP loadtime of a page
ip6_vti0 errors ip6_vti0 errors
ip6_vti0 traffic ip6_vti0 traffic
ip6gre0 errors ip6gre0 errors
ip6gre0 traffic ip6gre0 traffic
ip6tnl0 errors ip6tnl0 errors
ip6tnl0 traffic ip6tnl0 traffic
ip_vti0 errors ip_vti0 errors
ip_vti0 traffic ip_vti0 traffic
ipconntrack ipconntrack
Netstat Netstat
teql0 errors teql0 errors
teql0 traffic teql0 traffic
tunl0 errors tunl0 errors
tunl0 traffic tunl0 traffic


NFS Client NFS Client
NFS Server NFS Server
NFSv4 Client NFSv4 Client
NFSv4 Server NFSv4 Server


Nginx requests Nginx requests
NGINX status NGINX status


Fork rate Fork rate
Number of threads Number of threads
Processes Processes
Processes priority Processes priority
VMstat VMstat


Available entropy Available entropy
CPU usage CPU usage
File table usage File table usage
Individual interrupts Individual interrupts
Inode table usage Inode table usage
Interrupts and context switches Interrupts and context switches
Load average Load average
Logged in users Logged in users
Memory usage Memory usage
Swap in/out Swap in/out
Uptime Uptime