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Graph Information

These are graphs of the states of this system's NTP peers. The states translate as follows: 0=reject, 1=falsetick, 2=excess, 3=backup, 4=outlyer, 5=candidate, 6=system peer, 7=PPS peer. See for more information on the meaning of these conditions.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info peer_chilipepper_canonical_com gauge peer_time_airgapped_io gauge peer_0_0_0_0 gauge peer_time_cloudflare_com gauge      
2620:135:5003:ffff::123 peer_2620_135_5003_ffff__123 gauge peer_ntp1_trans_ix_nl gauge peer_104_194_8_227 gauge peer_zeit_arpnetworks_com gauge peer_logiplex_net gauge peer_ntp_vives_be gauge peer_golem_canonical_com gauge peer_time_skylineservers_com gauge peer_router_vzb_servme_fr gauge peer_time2_isu_net_sa gauge peer_karhu_miuku_net gauge peer_alphyn_canonical_com gauge