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upgradable Debian packages sorted by label/archive of its repository

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
. stable/stable __stable_stable gauge     from "'elastic' - ''"
Ubuntu/xenial-backports ubuntu_xenial_backports gauge     from "'Ubuntu' - ''"
Ubuntu/xenial-security ubuntu_xenial_security gauge     from "'Ubuntu' - ''"
***** The main PPA for supported PHP versions with many PECL extensions *****/xenial ______the_main_ppa_for_supported_php_versions_with_many_pecl_extensions_______xenial gauge     from "'LP-PPA-ondrej-php' - ''"
PPA for Apache 2.x/xenial ppa_for_apache_2_x_xenial gauge     from "'LP-PPA-ondrej-apache2' - ''"
Ubuntu/xenial-updates ubuntu_xenial_updates gauge     from "'Ubuntu' - ''"
Ubuntu/xenial ubuntu_xenial gauge     from "'Ubuntu' - ''"